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Little Emma is put in hard bondage and fucked by a big dick

This is part 4 of 4 of the April live show.Emma is bent over, head down, ass up, against a post to receive the toughest fucking in her life. What makes a hard fucking with a big cock even better? When she is bound in strappado into a strenuous position. Her legs are accented with cane marks for the mouthwatering view of her pussy getting demolished.

Britney StevensThis is what a porn star looks like when they really cum.

Nine out of ten orgasms in vanilla porn are fake. The girls are instructed to fake it, and with all the stopping and going and impossible positions most girls simply fake it out of hand. It’s a fact, it happens, and you buy it. Not here. We make them cum, they can’t help it, they can’t stop it, they are helpless, and we don’t stop at one. We rip the orgasms out of their bodies and they can only beg, moan and scream. Want to see what a real porn star looks like when they really cum? Want to see the fear in their eyes when the realize, we can do it over and over to them and they are powerless to prevent it? Do you?

The Armory Shoot

In case you haven’t heard, Peter, the CEO of Kink.com, recently bought a giant abandoned castle called the Armory right in the middle of San Francisco. You can’t ask for a much better backdrop than that to produce bondage videos. This bonus update contains footage of cyd and Peter topping Princess Donna in the first Armory shoot. On a concrete balcony, high above the football stadium sized drill court, Peter clamps Princess Donna’s arms and legs and locks them down in spread eagle fashion. He strips her clothes off, fondles her and then whips her over and over as her screams echo in the cavernous room. Peter has to attend to some business for a few moments so cyd steps in and hogties Princess Donna on her stomach with a steel spreader bar rigidly locking her wrists and ankles in line behind her back. She shivers as her naked flesh presses against the freezing concrete floor, but her attention is soon focused elsewhere as cyd clamps her nipples tightly with adjustable wrenches and presses a vibrator between her legs.Peter returns and suspends Princess Donna high above the drill court with leather straps, and then motions for cyd to join in. Peter whips Princess Donna’s breasts from underneath as cyd whips her pussy and then fucks her with a dildo pole and drives her wild with a vibrator.

Foot Stinging + Ass Shaking

Yasmine is gorgeous: tall, lean, beautiful face, ass and feet. You know just from looking at this girl that she pretty much always gets what she wants. Not today! We bind this lovely lady down to the floor on her belly, ass-up, knees bent sharply back, arms bound tight behind her back. No pampering for our pretty princess. That perfect round ass sticking up in the air is a perfect target for our flogger. We rubber-band those beautiful feet, and Yasmine makes the cutest faces when we snap them. We fuck her hard with a dildo so we can watch her ass jiggle in bondage.

Orgasm Denial

This is part 3 of 4 from the June live show.Rain is bolted down onto a platform. Legs and arms spread. Chest pinned down. She is immediately hosed down. Every time she screams, she gets sprayed in the face. When she doesn’t make enough noise, she gets sprayed on her already sore cunt. She is denied orgasms. She screams in frustration through the wet cloth wrapped around her face. Breathing is difficult under these conditions and the water makes it harder. Having her pussy tormented with almost cumming over and over again seems to be the real challenge here for the orgasm whore.

Sofia Lauryn – Punished Princess – First ANAL Scene!

Rarely do we get pillow princesses on Device, but when we do, we take full advantage. Sofia Lauryn is beautiful and she knows it. We place her in folded leather positions, metal spread eagles, uncomfortable predicament bondage. She does her best to endure her ordeals with her head high, but you can see as the shoot progresses, she begins to humble. Her concession is to offer her sweet asshole to us for the first time. Yes, thats right, she offered us her ass deflowering on camera.We spread her nice thighs and calves wide with a metal spreader bar configuration and prop her hips up, displaying her ass even more with wood. He butt sticks out, ripe and juicy… ready for the taking. Once we’ve primed her butthole a nice thick dildo is slid into her ass. She relishes the pleasure of her newly fucked innocent hole.Finally, exhausted, she is posed kneeling again to display her firm beautiful breasts. She is pushed, challenged, penetrated, vibrated, her body fights to endure unforgiving device. It brings us pleasure to see the pillow princess bitch suffer.

Chains and Canes

Sarah gets off on the feeling being bound very tight, so when she’s strapped into the latex straitjacket, she’s already wet before all the belts are buckled on.The rubber compression hood is the icing on the cake for her, allowing her eyes and nose to peek out, but keeping her nice and quiet at the same time – until the electrical stim is inserted into her dripping cunt and turned up on high. Chained and helpless in her rubber outfit, she is left to process the pleasure of the bondage and the pain of her situation as they mix together with a little help from the cane as well.

10 Little Piggies go on an Oral Adventure

Sasha Grey facially humiliates Trina Michaels in this unusual update. She heats up her feet by wearing leather boots and heavy socks next to a space heater until they are nice a sweaty, then has Trina peel her footwear off with her teeth. Once her feet are free, she wipes the sweat all over Trina’s face and jams her sticky toes as far into Trina’s mouth and up her nose as she possibly can. A few times she even manages to hold Trina’s nose shut with the toes of one foot while gagging her mouth with the other foot.The humiliation doesn’t stop with the sweaty feet. Trina is fitted with a painfully tight oral face fuck dildo gag and an iron set of restraints that hold her wrists firmly at her sides to keep them out of the way as Sasha gets herself off rudely and roughly using Trina’s face and head like nothing more than a bowling ball with a dildo sticking out of it.Strange fare for devicebondage? Who cares…variety is the spice of life.

Classic Shoot: Bolted to the Ceiling, Wide Open for AbuseSomething you don’t see everyday

This is not replacing your weekly updates. Sometimes months will have more Wednesdays then there are live show updates. This Friday you can enjoy the delectable Misti Dawn. April’s live show will begin updating on May 4th. So revisit this never before seen bondage scene and come back Friday for your regular scheduled shoot.By now, you probably know that Chloe Camilla is a sweet little angel-faced beauty with a pristine all-natural body and an almost magical innocence. You probably also know that this inspires in us some seriously dark urges. Repression is bad for your health, so we’re going to go ahead and indulge ourselves today. In the spirit of going for it, we create a simple metal device to bolt our blond darling to the ceiling. With her arms and legs spread wide, we leave Chloe totally prone and totally helpless, about 10 feet from the safety of the ground. We flog her perfect little shaved pussy and tender pink-tipped tits. We tease her with the vibe mercilessly, as Chloe makes adorable frustrated grunts and squeaks. We clamp her nipples, hook her tight ass and add weight – a lot – to both. We tease her some more with the vibe, whip her tits when the clamps fall off, then re-clamp them. When we do let Chloe have orgasm, she forgets her manners. We break out the hose to teach our ungrateful little slut a lesson. Teaching can be a most gratifying occupation.